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Plenty Cookbook Review

Plenty is a unique vegetarian cookbook with a Middle Eastern accent, but emphasizes on fresh greens, particularly herbs. The photography/illustrations are lush and the food actually turns out pretty much as pictured. This is an unusually well written cookbook that actually adds something to vegetarian cooking. Some of the recommended recipes included are the green couscous, cauliflower frittata, black pepper tofu, mushroom and herb polenta, and the ultimate mushroom lasagna.

Plenty can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Larabar Food Bar Review: Gluten Free Snacking

If you must eat any snack or energy bar, make it the Larabar. Larabars are a completely gluten-free, vegan snack food made up of unsweetened plant based ingredients. The basic ingredients for Larabars are vegetable, fruit or nut and pinch of sea salt. There is no added flavors, sugars, preservatives or anything you can’t pronounce.

Larabars are also delicious! They are around 200 calories a bar and rely on dates as a natural sweetener. Even though you shouldn’t rely on snack bars as a source of energy, Larabars are definitely one of the better alternative.

LÄRABAR® is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended.

Raw Food Diet Insta-ration: Instagrams to Follow

Are you living the raw food trend or lifestyle? Raw food diets have their difficulties and cons, but one thing they don’t lack is the vibrant colors. Check out these instagrams that will make you wish you were a raw food eater if you weren’t already.


Fruit and veggie smoothies are so perfect for the summer months! photo courtesy of @hartmann_health


Kristina Raw

Fully raw salads are so refreshing and fun to eat! photo courtesy of @fullyrawkristina

fullyrawkristina watermelon raw food

And what is better than watermelon? @fullyrawkristina

Raw Food

This looks good enough to eat! Oh it is? @raw_manda